Monday, February 18, 2013

The 6/2 Profile

You have probably always felt like an authority in life, from the moment you were born.

I suspect you even lay in your cot, looking up at those looking down and wondering to yourself, "Do you really appreciate what you are dealing with here?!"

From cradle to grave, you are, quite literally, a natural born role model whose wisdom, perception, and vision can be both a gift and a stabilizing force in your world.

You are just one of those people who can see what needs to happen and how to bring all the missing pieces together to form a bigger, more coherent picture.

It is a natural gift. You are here to be a role model and are known as someone with high ideals, high standards, and high goals.

This, in turn leads to a tendency to take charge always, because very few people can do anything as well as you, leading to the sometimes frus­trated cry of "Do I have to do everything around here?"

You are liable to micromanage every little detail, and the prospect of delegation only hap­pens once you have established that the people around you are both will­ing and capable.

Throughout life, you're constantly absorbing information on an insa­tiable quest for knowledge and new interests.

I'm sure you are regarded as either a master of general knowledge, a fount of all wisdom, or a great visionary of your time, finding balance between spiritual and earthly connections.

It can sometimes frustrate you that no one sees the same bigger picture as you.

Understand that no one is being shortsighted or dumb; it's just that the majority of people you come across will not get it in the same way you do and might not share the same zeal to grab life by the scruff of the neck and make a difference.

Few people ever find themselves on the same page as a worldly and wise 6/2 profile.

You sim­ply have a view of life that is often beyond the scope of most people's comprehension, save for 6/2 and 6/3 profiles.

If we were in conversation, I would immediately detect your grasp of the world and a joie de vivre that comes with eternal optimism.

There would be something assured, clear, well rounded, and precise about your manner.

You have the social and professional ability to stand above irrelevant dramas and see things for how they truly are or what they really mean.

I suspect you grew up hearing the words "Wise beyond they really mean.

What you might not readily appreciate is an unconscious reticence to use your abilities to the fullest.

Indeed, there is the possibility of your appearing stand offish at times, wondering whether you can be bothered.

This is the more subtle undercurrent of the second line at play.

You per­sonally prize your precious time and energy, so a commitment really has to be worth your while if it is to be fulfilling.

It's almost as if there is an air of "Well, make me a good offer and I'll think about it" about you.

If you're not conscious of this aspect, there is a danger that you'll spend life avoiding your true calling and true potential, forever backing away, ma­king excuses, and bowing to the second line pulling you into the shad­ows.

Just remember that your wisdom and inspiration need air and appreciation, which require you to put them out there.

When you are engaged with a person or project, there can be a ten­dency to juggle too many plates or try to conquer the world.

You are the manager, conductor, and forward planner.

But take on too much weight of responsibility and you get bogged down and bored with life.

Suddenly, the joie de vivre evaporates and the great overseer prefers being an effi­cient functionary or assistant, letting everyone else do a far less compe­tent job.

As with all second-line profiles, you need a place of solitude in which to recharge and take stock.

6/2 profiles have no problem in their own company.

These are women quite happy to shop for an entire weekend by themselves or men content to be wrapped up in a solo project or pursuit.

As with all sixth lines, there are three potential turning points in your life: the ages of eighteen, thirty, and fifty.

Most 6/2s feel like applying some form of authority or adopting some responsibility from the thresh­old of adulthood, getting involved in community groups, social clubs, movements, or rock bands!

Come thirty, you will have related to, inter­ acted with, and tasted most things in life, and your boundless enthusi­asm will calm down, probably because it has dawned on you that not everyone in life can meet you on your level.

And so you can take a back­ seat or transfer from the front line to the office, where your sixth-line overview can be best utilized in the interests of everyone.

Expect your arrival at age fifty to summon you to serve your fullest purpose.

Life now recognizes the role model you are and can place you in positions of great power and influence.

With your deep love of fun, you have the potential to bring great light to the world and to perk up the lives of everyone around you, as the role model you always knew you'd be!

Relationships with a 6/2: There is something reassuring and solid about being with a 6/2 partner, because it feels as though, together, you can take on all comers and tackle any problems.

6/2s have probably already earned your admiration, but believe me when I say that you, too, will be regarded as the special one.

That's because 6/2s worry that they might never find the soul mate who truly sparks with them and understands them on a higher level.

If you are their chosen one, feel very special and appreciated indeed! Be aware that all 6/2s are looking to keep a relationship fresh and com­pelling.

There can be a low boredom threshold, so keep things interest­ing.

What 6/2s really seek, whether expressed or not, is someone who can climb mountains with them and keep expanding mutual horizons.

Show6/2s a new place, or surprise them with something novel, and their natures will coo.

Acknowledge the wisdom of your partner and enjoy the uplifting jour­ney he or she will take you on.

Once 6/2s have found what their perfec­tionist streak is looking for, they will have found their best friend and soul mate and can relax into an incredibly fulfilling relationship.

Compatibility: Your perfect match is with fellow 6/2s and 3/5s. Away from that synergy, you also find easy relations with 2/4, 4/6, and 6/3 profiles.

~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.


  1. Matches my experience all the way down the page. Thanks!

  2. This is my 8 year old daughter, who from birth, has felt like an Old Soul to me. She says things and behaves like someone far beyond her years.

  3. Me encanta... no sabia que mi perfil 6/2 generara todo esto agradecida con el universo por conocer mi diseño humano!🌿🙏

  4. I needed this information thank you! Gracias!

  5. I dig this but the part about women being content to shop all weekend is a bit trite.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, loved and could relate to every bit of everything written except the shopping example

    2. Same here. Like this piece but dislike the stereotyping.

    3. More like research for the entire month

    4. Agreed- about the shopping part . Overall, it is well written

    5. I’m a 6/2 female and I would be content to shop all weekend by myself. I’d get the energy of others in the shopping center without having to actually interact with them. When I didn’t want to shop I could sit down and ponder my thoughts with a coffee. For me, that statement didn’t feel trite at all. It certainly wouldn’t feel good to do it every weekend though.

  6. This has given me so much clarity. Thank you

  7. Very well written! Love your beautiful way of explaining this profile.

  8. Thank you! Certainly makes sense as to why I love to live life without a partner!

  9. Thank you for writing this - spot on <3

  10. I’ve never felt more seen in my life and in all the research I’ve done! Every word was 100% accurate !

  11. The article has great insights, however, this comment is completely unnecessary and demonstrates sexism, “ These are women quite happy to shop for an entire weekend by themselves or men content to be wrapped up in a solo project or pursuit.” Any gender could be interested in both or these activities ….

    1. Stop! There’s absolutely no sexism here! Why is everything gender neutral these days?

  12. Wow everything about this article. Perfect wording. Thank you sharing.

  13. Look beyond the “stereotypes”. My environment in actually “markets” I get what the author is saying. Why pull out one thing that is stating gender? Take it for what insights it gives.

  14. So well written. The author said shopping as one example of many ways a 6/2 can have solo time. It’s not necessary to pick it apart in their article. You get where they’re coming from in general. So well written!!

  15. My son and I both are 6/2 we can talk for hours and I love listening to what he said. Everyday there is something he learn or new information. And my daugther is 2/4 three of us can talk and joke around like friends. Now I understand why we have this dynamics.