Monday, February 18, 2013

5/2 Profile

You can be a curious mix of projections, denial, and self illusion.

But far from seducing others into your world, you almost need to seduce your­self into emerging into the outside world.

The solitary person of the sec­ond line collides with the outgoing fantasies of the fifth.

Here, you are led by the hand of the more conscious fifth-line element, putting yourself and projections out there, providing leadership, teaching, and fascinat­ing imagery.

Then, come the end of the day, your reclusive side pulls you into social retreat.

In your professional life, you'll propose great schemes or projects, and even embark on them, but solitude will make you ques­tion your progress or involvement.

Your naturalness can have some difficulty with your illusory, some­what make believe tendency, meaning you're not quite sure where you stand somewhere between natural and fake.

Consequently, whereas 5/1s thrive on the projections of others, you become wary of how you are perceived and become concerned about how naturally you may or may not come across.

This can lead to a tiptoeing around the edges of social interaction.

Only when it feels conducive, and when you feel relaxed enough to engage, will the projected grandeur of the fifth line show its face and start spinning its stories and weaving its mystery.

Inwardly, though, there is the underlying fear that the bubble you live in could pop at any moment.

I would release your concerns about others' opinions of you be­cause no one is truly going to get you on the intrinsic level you desire.

The feedback seeking projections of the second line and the outward pro­jections of the fifth make that highly improbable.

What this means is that you walk through life being almost anything and anyone in any sce­nario, as long as you don't swallow the make believe yourself.

The opin­ions of others do not and cannot form a reliable barometer for you.

If we were in conversation, there would be an enchanting presence and a truth seeking to come out from behind the projections.

You would be the consummate actor, sparkling with your communication style.

And then I'd momentarily turn around, then look back to ask you some­thing else, and you'd be gone.

The gold dust would have left to spread its mark elsewhere, while wondering about the impression it had left with me.

Illusive and elusive by nature!

You can pull a rabbit out of a hat without thinking and put in an impressive performance that is capable of stopping people in their tracks.

You can hold the stage, captivate an audience, and leave your mark on all that you do but also be the performer who retreats from the stage having left everyone applauding.

Accept the adulation, but don't believe that your act is who you really are.

It is an impossible dilemma for a 5/2 profile, because you need life to be truthful, so no wonder there is so much angst within.

This truth requires you to acknowledge your brilliance and objectivity, but also your need for relaxation and fun.

You are someone who needs to be exposed to every nuance of life.

And when you feel in touch with others' lives, you are able to universalize concepts and issues that have relevance and practicality.

We all make mistakes, and for you there is always an inner discus­sion going on between guilt and forgiveness mainly forgiving yourself for your perceived shortcomings.

Self-forgiveness will provide a healing release when genuinely embraced, so bring forgiveness, bring your teachings, and make an impact on the world around you.

Relationships with a 5/2 : 5/2 profiles can provide the perfect partners, playing whatever role you want them to be.

A delicate mix between extrovert and introvert, they'll take you to the sparkling parties but find a balance with cozy nights at home.

In many respects it is like living with a performer who forgets to leave a particular role at the door.

The 5/2 will lead and orchestrate many things central to the relationship and be a great problem solver and confidante.

One on one relations need to be tight and mutually apprecia­tive for 5/2s but, as with all fifth line profiles, it is notoriously hard to get really close to them.

Still, there are great prospects for a happy-ever-after of sweet noth­ings.

If you allow them to lead you by the hand and you respect their need for solitude, you can enjoy an enlivening, versatile relationship and a jolly good ride through life.

So embrace their uncertain nature and keep providing the reassurance that everything is on the right track, and a keep you on your toes, unpredictable, but fun relationship will provide you with much fulfillment.

Compatibility: Your ideal match is with other 5/2s and 2/5s, but away from that synergy you find easy relations with 2/4 and 3/5 profiles.

~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.


  1. this is a very interesting profile; I will read this again. Reading it, I saw myself many times.
    it almost sounds as being a complex person a bit,since energies from different entities collide and create inner conflicts. This is very true about me; and also, the concern of what people will/might say about me. Will they view me correctly, or negatively. This is something that I also learned and inhaled from my childhood surroundings. As an adult, it disrupts my life, complicate it,causes stress and unhappiness. Wanting to do the right things is a desire of mine,but since I made mistakes in my life and as a parent, self forgiveness has been for a long time an on going matter. It is taking time to forgive my self more and less blame myself unnecessarily. I still blame my self, take responsibility heavily, and I expect others to take responsibility for themselves. When they don't, I have a problem with it---at least, this is how I perceive it. In my intelligence I know that I can not force anyone to do anything they do not want to do. I know and get it,but emotionally, on a deeper,illusive level, it bothers me. that does not make it easier to observe my own actions,accept them and forgive myself on the spot---since I am doing best that i know at that moment. with the awareness,then, I can work on changing what I don't like. i know all that, but it is still a struggle to put these healthy practices in use. Relationship is another matter which I could see myself reading this report. tight relationship, mono, one one one. most comfortable,however,I am learning through practice to go out there,be amongst other people and form friendships. I strive to be as honest and as sincere that I can with people. i solute to honesty, truthfulness,and clear communications. however, due to self illusions and temporary denial, I sabotage my own good feeling and progress. The more aware I become about my self, the faster I realize my inner conflict and I accept the now. This is my hope,my rock. to be more aware of my self and who I really am. this is my hope for recovery.

  2. Ms. wow what a cool response... My lady keeps telling me that... "when people read about themselves.... with self honesty.... they will get it!" your reflection above demonstrates that perfectly.

    You kindly asked for some written feedback.

    1. Human Design and its many compliments that have grown up around it over the past 25 years.... make it a rich wonderful guided tour. (One I will be leading sometime in the near future) more than that... it is a SELF - discovery system.

    2. Handing you the tools to recognize the programs that are running in your life that you did not install... agree to have installed... or wish to continue to have them running in your 3D experience.

    3. SELF - discovery is the "discipline". YOU always get result in your life experience that you are the "creator" of.

    4. DO NOT... be hard on yourself! Relax, allow oxygen to flow to your brain and other parts of your body... Your AVATAR functions much better that way!

    5. IF you are going to take this journey... basic broad guidelines.... Drink WATER... Shower in WATER... Bathe in WATER... be near bodies of water... lake or ocean if possible... anchor your energies to mother earth.... walk, hike, dig in the dirt...

    6. There will always be more work to do. Start TODAY... trust YOURSELF!