Monday, February 18, 2013

The 3/5 Profile

You are the last person who needs reminding that life is a school of hard knocks, filled with the exhilarating chaos on which your nature thrives, aided by a potentially wicked sense of humor and a polished, charismatic air.

I can almost see you adopting a James Bond air, blowing those cheeks, wiping that brow, and saying, "Tell me about it ... but I live to fight another day!"

Pain and pleasure are the twinned realities of life, though I suspect you've known more pain due to living life on the edge, leaping in with both feet, and learning as you go.

Of all profiles, you are the most likely to stick your fingers into an electric socket just to find out what goes on in there!

You are your own worst enemy, such is your insatiable inquisi­tiveness and curiosity.

You like to leave no stone unturned in your pur­suit of reward and joy, and there is an indefatigable spirit to the way you embrace life, come what may.

3/5 profiles are here for a fast track lifetime.

In failure, trauma, and survival, you glean wisdom.

Life will bounce you into dead ends, heart­break, crushing disappointment, and wrong situations while asking you to take the blessings in disguise.

It's almost as if your role is to witness, endure, or lead from the front in order to educate and guide others.

You are a capable and adaptable leader in a crisis, with a wisdom that shapes a visionary element, and there is something of the rebel in you, wanting to challenge authority and point out what is and isn't working.

You want to be a force for change in all areas of life.

Your adaptability makes you expert in a storm of crisis, because you've been there, done that, and know how the drama ends!

Your understanding of life also arms you with a natural forgiveness.

The fascinating mix of this profile is the third-line element, which needs the juice of life, together with the illusory yet hypnotic nature of the fifth line.

This turns you into a charismatic, persuasive seducer, sub­tly reeling others into relationships, projects, or pursuits.

But it is a pro­file that is noncommittal by nature and doesn't wish to hang around if there is not a sustainable engagement with its interest.

Nevertheless, you are always strategizing, seeing how it can all work in your best inter­ests, toying with experimental and grand ideas.

If I were in conversation with you, there would be an outgoing, engag­ing eagerness about your communication style and obvious zest for life.

I daresay you could come across as a bit of a dreamer, but doubtless there would be a multitude of crazy anecdotes, all carried off with a self­ deprecating humor concealing the pain of the time.

When you fall back on your sharp wit, you are one of the funniest people around.

Humor is both your medicine and your master deflector.

But not a1l 3/5s can look on the bright side.

Life can become too much and leave you defeated.

You can get to the point where all you crave is a settled life.

You are done with the trials, tribulations, and tests and want to throw in the towel.

When 3/5 profiles feel beaten, despite their best efforts, they surrender.

But their nature will not rest and will always seek to propel them into a fresh adventure.

So surrendering will only exacer­bate any inner frustrations.

The third line will never stop catapulting the 3/5 into all sorts of relationships, projects, travels, travails, purchases, and lifestyles.

The unconscious fifth line sometimes paddles hard to make real life match the fantasies.

Ultimately, you are seeking the reward for your hardship.

You are always seeking that special someone who can bring inner peace amid the chaos.

When that person is found, commitment is total.

In accepting chaos, you accept yourself. Life will never be a destination but is an eternal journey.

Embrace it, find medicine in laughter, and absorb all the consequential wisdoms that make people admire you so much.

And at the end of your days, I guarantee you will have traveled, loved and lost, succeeded and failed, and amassed a veritable library of personal expe­riences to recall and ponder.

Relationships: It is quite possible that 3/5 partners have no real idea of how restless they are, particularly in a relationship.

Of course, they will have the gift of gab and say all the right things, but as they're stroking your face and whis­pering sweet nothings, keep an eye out for the feet inching toward the exit door.

An escape clause should be written into any love contract with a third line element, especially when coupled with the dreamy nature of the fifth line, which brings a strong degree of romanticism and big promises.

The 3/5 profile is forever in search of the perfect relationship and will not compromise its ideals.

Did I say "perfect"? What I meant to say was "purrr-fect,"

These people need to be met, and understood, on every pos­sible level before they give 100 percent commitment. These are highly selective individuals when searching for a life mate.

One thing you need to appreciate is the essential ingredient to throw into the mix with a 3/5 partner laughter.

Let life bring the dark side; let you be the source of light.

They can be deeply emotional partners, but the tears of laughter need to balance the tears of pain.

Grant them this much and you will come to know and admire a true ally and arbiter and the bridge builder of an unpredictable but exciting future.

When 3/5s feel they have met their match, they bring the greatest level of commitment and stability to a relationship that is possible.

Just be prepared to be dragged off in pursuit of big dreams!

Compatibility: Your ideal matches are with other3/5s and 6/2 profiles, but away from that synergy you also find common ground with 3/6, 5/1, 5/2, and 6/3 profiles.

~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.


  1. This is honestly the only 3/5 reading that I have read and enjoyed. The rest sound so dire. Thank you!

    1. yes!!! I totally agree! what a relief!

    2. From on 3/5 to another

    3. agreed only 3/5 description that didnt make me wanna cry.i know not my time of birth and resonate with the 3/6 aswell what do I do

  2. Yes agree, this one is lovely! Thank you :)

  3. agreed, the only post that is understandable and made me see the good part of being a martyr lol

  4. Spot on!!! At 65 I can see this clearly.
    My personal summation;
    My inner nine year old is my Commander in Chief.

    1. Its really me in a summary������, have been asking my self why i need to endure more difficulties compare to others and this article give me tje answer. Thank you

  5. Hey what about a relationship with 4/1 profile. Can it work? can it be Purr-fect?

    1. I’d like to hear thoughts on this too...I’ve found a 4/1 with the primary Gate 16...seems a fitting partner with a 3/5!

    2. I'm just now getting out of a 4yr relationship with a (severely traumatized) 4/1 Manifestor with incarnation cross of juxtaposition of posession (what a yikes for a 3/5).
      This relationship did not work on any level except for as me being my partner's phycho therapist. At first before reading into his incarnation cross I thought it was the 4/1 that wasn't working here but reading the comments here seems like maybe that's not all there is to my situation.

      I'm a 3/5 splenic projector.
      I do not want to be posessed, I long for fluidity, flow, adventure and to be recognized on every level, (especially for my intuitive projector excellence!) just like this article said. I felt so seen by this article!❤️

    3. I'm a 3/5 and I love my 4/1.

  6. Also, its amazing how on point the description of 3/5 life process is.
    At 35 I feel like I have gone through so much hardship and pain, but also beauty and joy. Ever since being a little kid my parents could not keep me away from the edge and constant curiosity. I do things just to experience them. And also, can definitely relate to feeling battered and trying to shelter up dreaming of a quiet measured and organized life. Every year seems like a whirlpool while at the same time I am able to have a home and provide for myself and others materially. Also have to note that becoming a hermit being a 3/5 gets boring eventually and a strong urge for adventure and risk taking kicks in. I am going through a mix of that now after broken relationship, hardship in business and a year in self search and self acceptance I am ready for another strive. Thankfully I came across human design and it really helped me to make sense of who I am and accept myself. In short, what can you say about 3/5 and 4/1 relationship? I personally find it to be a safe harbor where I feel at peace supplemented with endless laughter. This is not mentioned anywhere as a positive relationship, but I never felt more at peace and more connected to anyone before her and thats what ultimately matters, but I had my run with naivete and realize that we may see in people what we want to see and that connections with others can be illusive, so I am thinking of it in the long terms. Any opinion appreciated!

    1. Hi there. Just wanted to say that I'm a 4/1 and my partner a 3/5. I have never felt this happy or chosen before. Life feels a perfect combination of peace, deep love, laughter and adventure. The description above is perfect for my guy, who - now that he has found his soulmate - gives commitment at the highest level. And we drag each other along for our combined big dreams!

    2. Any more 3/5s with 4/1s ? I’ll be interested in hearing more about this dynamic

    3. I would like to connect with others 3/5. I am also 3/5 and have 35 at this moment. If you are interested in talking and sharing from our experiences please contact me at

  7. That's a lot of me :-) Akuradwom

  8. Wow. looooove this description. Feels like me

  9. That's actually quite accurate. Thank you.

  10. This feels really accurate for me! I am currently with a 1-3 manifestor and things are going well. I question whether he will be able to keep up with the lifestyle I desire, but when I accept our differences, it seems like this will be a long-lasting partnership. <3

  11. Every word I related omg, grew up watching bond always soaked up the feminine, beautiful energy, definitely stuck something in an outlet just to see, always singing a song because there always a tune to be heard. Beautiful love you, my fellow 3/5s :)

  12. I really loved and enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing. 💖

  13. You mean being this way is a THING?!
    There are more like us!?~ we’re real ?

  14. Can we start a 3/5 support group? Haha

  15. Tremendous! Spot on. Still seeking that elusive life mate...

  16. What a lot of crap. It’s so vague and doesn’t really explore the way out of all these trials etc. Not for me.

  17. I’m a 5/1 with a 3/5 :) he is perfect and I always make him laugh lol. We both have dark sense of humors, incredibly smart, and same interests but just enough quirks to make us different 🥰

  18. Feels like I am being understood for the first time in my life 🙈😂

  19. never have i felt so seen… thank you!

    and yes, indeed. still on the incessant search for this perfect match of mine…