Friday, October 10, 2014

The 5/1 Profile

Here come the natural leaders, guides, and teachers in life.

You are bright, clever, and expert at problem solving and lead with great vision and an imaginative approach to resolving issues and overcoming all manner of obstacles.

You cope. You solve. You advise.

Your research and homework are meticulous; you are determined to get to the bottom of things.

No one could seem more thorough or dependable than you.

Indeed, there is a discipline to your leadership.

But you are the swan whose appearance impresses everyone.

What they don't see is the furi­ous paddling beneath the surface and the concealed insecurities that you would hate anyone to discover.

I suspect that if I asked you to describe who you actually were, that would constitute the one conundrum you couldn't solve.

Indeed, I can almost see you shifting to the back foot, ready to deflect such a searching probe, which is typical of 5/1s: great at looking outward, but not so ­ keen on looking inward.

You are highly capable performers, but you're prone to building a world of barriers and deflectors.

No wonder there is something unrecognizable about you.

I'd even argue that some of the closest people in your life don't really know who you are, yet remain captivated by the great dreams you paint onto a projection screen, portraying the person you want them to believe you are…  ­ or sometimes the person you believe you are!

You tend to project an image and live by it, reluctant to show too much of your real self.

This has the effect of creating an image that fits the observer's perception… an image you're happy to bask in because you put yourself out there as the one with the “know how”.

Those who are charmed by you can place you in positions of great trust, responsibility, or influence, but you need to be clear that who you lead and what you teach are in accord with what resonates in you, not them.

Otherwise, it is easy for you to assume roles that don't serve your interests.

The truth is that you derive self worth from work, and work alone.

That provides you with a sure foundation in life.

Outside this, personal interactions can feel vague, uncertain, and perhaps even awkward.

And so the same old pattern emerges: you conjure an image that deflects and projects.

Some people could accuse you of being a subtle manipula­tor; I would argue it's more the concealment of something vulnerable, because your manipulation is all about self-preservation.

5/1s tend to be accomplished, wise, and effective people in many ways but live with a nagging insecurity that the foundations to their world are never quite strong enough.

Most 5/1s would deny such insecurity exists, but that's because it's an unconscious element they'd rather not explore.

I suspect only one or two people will ever get to see the real you… and only after you have spent hours internalizing about whether they are substantial enough to be "let in."

If we were in conversation, you would come across as interesting, sharp, intelligent, and incisive.

I'm sure you'd talk a lot about work and impart knowledge you'd hope would impress me.

Yet I'd be deciphering the shift­ing stance, fidgeting hands, and uncertain stare.

Later, I'd find you edging around the room, working out whom it was best to interact with and then soaking up their problems and solving them.

There is something of the rescuer about you.

I've often observed 5/1s holding a captive audience in the palm of their hand, providing a vision of how life should be.

What if the world were ever to see through your defensive projection field?

That is your greatest fear, but ultimately it would be no bad thing -it would free you to be yourself.

If you had lived in integrity, your rep­utation would withstand the exposure.

If you had merely found shaky ground in the projections of others, you would feel rudderless.

Either way, you would come to realize that reaching out, being authentic, and setting boundaries were your only liberation and path to fulfillment.

Relationships with a 5/1 As with all fifth line profiles, it is hard to get really close to a 5/1 once you are past the alluring image.

But 5/1s can be the most supportive of indi­viduals as long as things are going their way.

They are great problem solvers in relationships, albeit on a practical rather than emotional level.

They can easily slip into the role of teacher, counselor, or rescuer, which may induce a level of co-dependency.

You'll most likely hear them telling you how dependable they are and how much you need them in your life.

The truth is that they need you just as much.

5/1s are tremendously effective when guiding or teaching their fol­lowers in a professional sense but have a tendency to be wary within one on one and more intimate interactions.

Partners note this more than it is readily admitted!

Should you ever become needy or insecure, be prepared for big prom­ises and great romantic visions.

Hollywood movies have been based on fifth-line portrayals of how relationships should be.

5/1s will also have the expectation that you will fall in and follow their lead.

Your challenge is to discern the relationship's substance, because a 5/1 never will!

Once terms of engagement are agreed, be wary of making projections onto 5/1s, feeding their illusions.

Keep them grounded, keep popping their balloons, and keep the reality checks coming.

If you don't engage on a deep level, you can both end up bouncing around a sup­portive but false relationship.

But when something feels real, it can be the most enduring and fulfilling union.

Compatibility: Your ideal match is with other 5/1s and 2/4 profiles.

Away from that syn­ergy, you also find easy relations with 1/3, 2/5, and 3/5 profiles.

~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.


  1. I felt completely uneasy reading this.... 🏃

    1. I know exactly what you mean;a very biased, cold assertation.

    2. Me three I’ll take it with a grain of a cold projection haha

    3. Exactly. As if they are jealous that they aren’t 5/1’s. But remember….this too is a projection.

  2. Replies
    1. They really do like to project onto 5/1s huh hahaha jkjk

  3. I felt like it hit the nail on the head for me. Not uneasy at all.

  4. I feel like this is accurate for my husband, and we're an ideal match given that I'm a 2/4

  5. this is the tragedy of the 5/1, no one completely accurately understands us and just how difficult it is to navigate our world. honestly I'd recommend watching Ra Uru Hu's YouTube video, whose explanation of 5/1 I found much more compelling and unbiased, perhaps because he is one himself.

    1. I am also a 5/1 and just saw this video- I have never felt more seen and heard…almost brought me to tears

  6. This is a perfect example for anyone reading, just how expansive the projection field is for us 5/1's. I feel its safe to assume that whomever wrote this article, projected onto a 5/1 and their expectations weren't met the way they wanted them to be. Like my closest friends say, " Nobody could live a day in your shoes, without wanting and attempting to kill themselves." To carry the weight of the world on your shoulders daily, while saying, " I can take more! I can always take more!" I'd have to say we 5/1's are not only selfless when living our path, but also badass warriors who not only help others to succeed instead of ourselves, but we don't expect anything in return."All we want in life is to see everyone happy and thriving. give-give in equal measures. I don't see how or why that is so hard. But then again, I am Jesus:) lol totally joking!! I hope that all profiles learn about all profiles, and do so with an open mind, open heart, and adaptable nature. We all are on our own path, and exactly where we should be, otherwise we wouldn't be. Good luck to all the other 5/1 profiles out there!! Keep on keeping on! Take nothing personal!! They can't help themselves. Love and Peace be with you all!

    1. You can help yourself!
      You're reading the information outside. What information?
      Truth or not a projection of truth.

      I was born to gain experience 5/1 na. I'm not gonna die at 5/1.
      Don't stop studying now that you're starting to feel comfortable.
      Explore yourself, discover yourself, and wake up!
      HD is only so far known as a stopover or your own mirror.

      The base code is you. The foundation of everything in your life is you. Find out the invisible truth.
      Invisible is not outside you, in another person, in them. The invisible lies within you, and the potential is all that is not possible.
      It's only then that you start to see who you are without profile ratings.
      People like the game, the comfort. Your own voluntary choice.
      The Truth of Success

  7. Well said Anonymous! 💜

  8. I’ve also read that a 6th line is good for us (I’m a 5/1) to befriend b/c they are able to sort of safeguard our reputation. They also have a karmic quality to their aura but it’s different. I’m fortunate to. Have a few friends who are 6th lines. I don’t know how true this is but we are good friends

  9. This is totally not us. The only profile that can write about a 5/1 is a 5/1 all others are misconceptions about us and will never be able to see us for what and who we really are. Every comment written by a 5/1 here I totally resonate with more so than the actual article. But as a 5/1, we are walking projector fields. With that being said, this writer is only speaking of what they see in themselves and not actually a 5/1.

  10. 1/2 Okay guys, I suspect that this article has since been edited, because I didn't find anything so offensive, as to elicit such a response. I'm a 5/1 Manifestor and the thing I've come to realise about the projection field is that it's so confusing for us because most of us don't yet understand that "other humans" don't have the genetic capability to think metacognitively. Yes, that's all the projection field is: the ability to think metacognitively.

    I'm not wearing masks, I don't have different personalities. I'm 1 person. The thing is "other humans" can't conceptualise the fact that 1 person can express many facets of themselves without it meaning that you are that thing. Kind of like an actor. Just because Leonardo DiCaprio was in the Titanic, it doesn't mean he's a romantic in real life. And there shouldn't be a shock to that. Well, 5/1s are like Astral Celebrities. We live amazing and extraordinary lives, because we think metacognitively. Just because you wait tables, it doesn't mean you're a waiter. Just because you're in a bad environment, it doesn't mean you have to be bad. Just because bad things happened to you, it doesn't mean bad things will always happen to you. But most people can't do that because their sacral is defined, so they believe they know what's true, what's real and what's not. Whereas we, on the other hand, have learned that many things can be true at the same time. I can be a shy book worm and dance on tables for tips and still be an authentic person. But "other humans" see that as a contradiction and it upsets or confirms their already in-built beliefs about the world.

    It can be frustrating for us to have to inform others because it feels like an added responsibility. Like, seriously, you're not my kid, why do I have to inform you of anything? But that's why it's a good strategy, because since we can make abstract mental connections across multiple cultural and social strata, we have access to observational information that 93% of the rest of the world does not. Soak that in for a minute. We're living in a separate reality: 4D while everyone else is in 3D. So patience is very important. Once you develop your specific language or way of communicating, it becomes easier to inform, and sometimes you won't even need to inform because your unpredictability will become part of your identity.