Friday, October 10, 2014

The 4/1 Profile

I have only one clear thing to say to you: "Stick to your path. Follow your heart."

You are a rare individual, being the only fixed profile among the twelve.

This means you have one theme in life and an extremely precise and particular way of living -and it's all about a heart's desire guiding you toward your destiny.

This is because you have what is called a "fixed­ fate vibration": one path, one purpose, one perspective, meaning that your true nature must stick to a rigid course, as plotted by the Universe, without deviating and without exception.

In some ways, this is a loner's profile, mainly because your immovable
and inflexible nature makes you hard to understand.

Your foundations are built by one determining factor the fate you have been handed in life.

And whatever that might be, you'll throw your heart into pursuing it.

Just as there are sixty-four genetic codons to the human makeup, there are sixty-four gates in the Human Design system.

Your "fixed fate" is determined by just one of them.

This one aspect presets the tone and context of all your interactions.

You hold true to a particular and vital aspect of the human psyche and that's it.

For example, I knew a male pensioner with the4/1 profile. His one fixed fate from the sixty-four gates was Stimulation.

As such, stimulation became the fixed theme to his life.

He drove the most impressive car, owned properties around the world but was too busy to visit them, had endured several medical surgeries, had just been bankrupted after one business turned sour, and yet gam­bled and drank with the best of them, regaling everyone with outrageous stories of adventure.

No one and nothing could stop his endless search for stimulation.

He was true to his profile.

So how do you determine your fixed fate?

Look at the conscious ­unconscious column of information in your life chart, and find the top number in black (where the conscious fourth line is attached).

That is the gate number relating to your fixed fate.

Turn back to chapter 6 and read its meaning.

This is your immovable theme in life.

You can expound genius in your particular expression but can suffer when you're not appreciated by a world with a short attention span.

Yet it is so important that you are not deflected from your course in life.

I cannot overstate the importance of this truth, because if a rule system, job requirement, or family pressure diverts you from a heart­felt purpose, your life will fall to pieces as you lose connection with any sense of purpose.

The first-line foundations will fall away and the fourth­ line heart will break.

You are not here to live in the styles that every­one else takes for granted; your agenda is unique and you need to be aware of those who support you to live that truth, and those who, for one reason or another, are intimidated by your steadfast pursuit and do not understand its importance to your sense of balance and well ­being.

I admire anyone with a 4/1 profile because you have a tough agenda that is challenging at every turn.

You see everyone else being flexible and possibly random, and when you try to follow suit, you feel derailed.

So, please, I implore you to remain true to your nature.

Thank the nay­sayers for sharing their opinion, but live your life from your heart.

Put on the blinkers, become focused, and stick to your particular path.

When you do, you become a pillar of strength and conviction.

You are all heart, mean well, and will forever give 100 percent.

Ultimately, once you stop struggling against your nature's restrictions and accept your fragility, you will find success and fulfillment by following your heart-and find­ing your destiny.

Relationships with a 4/1
You will soon discover thatyour4/1 partner can be a little fixated in one direction.

If 4/1s' nature is embraced, and respected, they won't wish to try anything new and won't thank you for trying to expand their hori­zons.

You just have to let them be if you truly have their interests in mind.

Acceptance means the world to 4/1s because they are so rarely under­stood or appreciated for their sometimes rigid approach.

They feel as though they are constantly trying to protect their heart, when all they want to do is sing its song.

They will feel a lot of pressure to change and will need you to embrace them for who they are.

Once 4/1s feel free to be themselves, they can make an amazing heart­felt connection that brings about a sense of security.

Acknowledgment, appreciation, and unconditional acceptance are expressions of love in themselves.

It might not be an easy relationship, because anything that is immovable can lead to friction, but your 4/1 partner has a big heart, and if you can cut your cloth accordingly, a warm and unique relation­ship can soar in a freedom the 4/1 rarely feels.

Compatibility Because of your particularly unique profile, the most important thing is to honor yourself and life process first and foremost.

You'll find a certain degree of synergy among other 4/1s and 1/4s and will also get along with 4/6s.
~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be


  1. thank you! this explained a lot to true. <3

  2. Awsome reading! So connected to the original source. Thank You. J

  3. Thank you for this!

  4. Could someone please help me understand how to find this? I’m not understanding which number this is as I don’t know what the conscious unconscious column is. Thanks!

    Look at the conscious ­unconscious column of information in your life chart, and find the top number in black (where the conscious fourth line is attached).

    That is the gate number relating to your fixed fate.

    Turn back to chapter 6 and read its meaning.

    1. when you look at your human disign chart you will see two colums. one on the right with black numbers and one on the left with red numbers. numbers are standing alongside planet simbols. you look at the colum on the right, frst simbol on the top is sun and there is also a number -.4 All fixsed fate people have 4 for the number following the you just need to find out the number in front (1-64)

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  5. I am a 4/1 profile, cross of denial, gate 40 (loneliness) lol.

  6. I am also a 4/1, l found the worst loneliness was when l was not there for myself.

    1. im a 4/1 and feel like a loser lol i dont feel special.

  7. My charts have me as a 5/1 generator, this one is the only one that is a 4/1. Anyone know why that would be?Also, Chapter 6 of which book? Thanks:)

  8. This brought me to tears. Thank you for speaking straight to my soul.

  9. Thank you ! wish i could read the pleadian wisdom but the link is broken

  10. 4:1 cross of provocation. learning to embrace aloneness and the fact that I trigger everyone around me has not been easy or fun. Especially as a biological female who is *supposed* to epitomize social refinement, find a partner & pop out some puppies. I’ve none of these things. The key is to not internalize other people’s reactions & commune with source energy, I suppose. Ride the wave. I’ve yet to meet after 40+ years anyone who “accepts” my nature.

  11. I’m 4/1 Splenic Projector with the 44-26 Channel

  12. I'm a 4/1 Sacral Generator and my fixed gate is Opinions. My opinions aren't 'fixed' but my need to express them IS. The times in my life where I have felt the worst is when my opinions didn't matter or weren't heard. I'm not cruel either. I never express an opinion if it's going to harm or hurt someone.

  13. I'm a 4/1 Emotional Generator. Juxt Cross of Assimilation.
    - very fixed, and very glad to be in my rebuilding phase after imploding throughout my 30s. Had to slowly, painfully shed my skin and remember myself.
    Truly it has been Frustration - Apathy - Empathy, and Empathy feels really good.

    So I'm curious to know some of the ways my fellow 4/1s express yourselves in the world. I'm toying with ideas for writing and starting projects, but I'm not sure which direction suits me best.

    I'm not an expert on any subject, but my gift is to receive and distill big concepts into relatable content that is a balm.