Friday, October 10, 2014

The 1/4 Profile

In the movie One Hour Photo, Robin Williams plays a photo-lab techni­cian who says: "The things which we fear most in life have already hap­pened to us."

I suspect it's a quote that may resonate with many 1/4 profiles, whose hearts are vast but cagey and whose nature treads care­fully in the pursuit of opportunity.

You are an opportunist but have a disciplined, cautious approach, because the foundations and security of a situation have to be right.

This represents a certain push pull contradiction because of the perpetual balance between the more outgoing yet selective first line and the so­cially capable but wary fourth line.

You will always need to establish the whole picture and comprehend every aspect of a personal or profes­sional opportunity because your feet need sure ground and your heart needs protecting.

Essentially, you are an openhearted person with a great desire to embrace whatever life throws your way, but you need to feel secure first.

The insecurity of the first line and the rejection fears of the fourth line can foster an overbearing need to retain control of many situations, especially personal ones.

In your Utopian vision, everyone walks around open armed, exuding warmth and hugging strangers.

A good heart pro­vides sturdy foundations for success and growth in your book.

No won­der like minded souls become the target of your pursuit for security in life.

In general, you are selective about forging close relationships.

I wouldn't dismiss the theory that the most secure relationship you know is with your own heart.

I say this because your insecurities tilt you into internalizing, turning the focus on your own needs, sometimes to the cost, in neglect, of those around you.

When in doubt or crisis, your world stops to find stability.

At such times, you can be consumed by a sense of dread, retreat, and become unreachable.

However, there is a flip side.

Such an intense self focus makes you a passionate, direct opportunist with an entrepreneurial flair who can attack projects and endeavors with determined gusto.

You will throw your heart into achieving success and don't shirk risks in the workplace, eager to impress bosses and peers alike.

When you are pas­sionate about what you do, there is no one better to have on a team.

You can be a real trailblazer, bringing innovation and opportunity that have far reaching effects, and nothing makes your nature swell more than the recognition and acknowledgment of your unstinting efforts.

In fact, your skills, warmth, compassion, and kindness are already likely to have drawn a long list of admirers, probably more than you realize.

If we were in conversation, it would become apparent that you were sensitive, honorable, and frank and spoke from the heart, exuding ca­pability and strength.

Your warmth is capable of melting people.

But fragility lies beneath the surface.

If people prod and poke too deeply or recklessly, you tend to back away until you are certain of them.

When hurt, the open arms are folded and the barriers erected.

Walk into any gathering and the first-line element makes direct con­tact, determining the foundations of the situation as the fourth-line ele­ment scans the room, wondering who shows promise and who appears genuine.

Authenticity is everything to you.

I tell 1/4 profiles to be discerning in who and what they embrace because within your makeup there exists the possibility of a breakdown if pushed too far.

What you are seeking are projects or pursuits that stabilize you and reward your efforts.

In both personal and professional arenas, ensure there is a healthy balance between what you give and what you receive.

All relationships need to be reciprocal if your open­hearted nature is to shine.

When you find that trusting foundation, you can brilliantly express who you are.

Relationships with a 1/4: Your 1/4 partner has a compassionate heart, but the first line element makes him or her wary about opening up.

The result can be an extremely sensitive and closed off partner.

These people are aching for a warm embrace but are extremely difficult to get close to, so you will require patience and strength, at times, to pry their folded arms apart and bring them out of introspective retreat.

So much goes on inside their heads that they can be very hard to read or understand.

What they require is gentle coaxing, reassurance, and a sense of being valued and appreciated.

They need you to be tactile, so throw your arms around them and hold their hand.

Physical reassurance is important.

If you pull away an inch, they can retreat a mile.

When they hear the words "We are in this together" or "It's all about you and me, no one else," it underpins the world in which they stand, trust builds, the emotional walls come down and you can become the main benefici­ary of an immensely loving, loyal, and warm individual.

Compatibility: Your ideal match is with other 1/4 profiles because no other match car­ries the same level of resonance.

Away from such synergy, you find easy relations with 2/4, 4/1, and 4/6 profiles.

~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.