Friday, October 10, 2014

The 2/5 Profile

I feel like giving you a compass to find your way home, because you are someone who can be caught in the uncertain middle ground between the solitariness of the second line and the distant fantasies of an unconscious

This creates a strange yet fascinating profile of a capable leader who is almost reticent to lead, unsure whether to engage or not.

But when you do engage, you are a naturally imaginative, charismatic leader.

Your sense of detachment can leave you feeling lost in space, observ­ing the dramas on Earth.

This is caused by the curious combination of the feedback-seeking projections of the second line and the illusory pro­jection field of the fifth, leaving you bouncing between the suppositions of others and the illusions you create.

No wonder you harbor an under­lying uncertainty about whether you ever will meet anyone who will understand and complete you.

Will you ever feel a connection to anyone and anything around you?

This is probably why you tend to indulge in surface interactions, wary about letting anyone in.

You yearn for that special relationship, great job, or purpose where you hear the click of perfect synergy, but such a yearn­ing can be rooted in a dreamy perfection.

In personal matters, this makes you picky and over-fussy.

In professional terms, there is a tendency to move around, not wishing to feel exposed in one position for too long.

In the workplace, you think outside the box and dream up innovative,
off the wall ideas.

Your clever input arrives from nowhere, surprising many including yourself!

But you won't bask in self-praise.

Such a thing doesn't exist.

You will engage peers or colleagues in conversation to receive praise that makes you feel good, recognized, and appreciated.

There is something of the natural genius about you, and I suspect you underestimate how truly wise and brilliant you can be.

Keeping up appearances matters greatly to you.

Indeed, maintaining your reputation and "act" is essential for your own sense of status.

The cloak of a great actor is only removed when alone.

You are content to live in a hermitage yet are fascinated by people around you, a spectator who doesn't want to be in the spotlight.

Indeed, you can find yourself caught in a web of others' problems and dramas because a sense of detachment allows you the perspective to become the great rescuer, confidante, and crisis manager, the person everyone turns to and seeks out.

So you can be viewed as a savior and a seductive knight in shining armor and, conse­quently, the second line element sees itself in such feedback and the dan­ger is that you live up to a false image of everyone's suppositions, praise, and compliments.

This provides the beneficial side effect of getting to play out many amazing parts in a life rich with experiences made by other peo­ple.

Yet there will always be the niggling uneasiness that you are only appre­ciated for what you appear to be, not for who you truly are.

If I were in conversation with you, I would sense a reluctant leader, yet hear a convincing voice carried by a charismatic punch.

There may be a risk of shyness but this will soon be concealed.

I'd no doubt detect some­thing shifty and not quite straightforward, and could have a conversation with you a million times without really learning anything new about you as an individual.

I would go so far as to say that you will probably only ever have one or two meaningful relationships in your lifetime.

Ultimately, you will come to recognize that your skills and potential leadership provide a true nature that is far braver and more capable than you give it credit for.

For 2/5profiles,life is a potential playground.

If only you could unbind yourself!

You need to come down from the top tier of the stands, join in, and start living because that's where true fulfill­ment is found.

Once you stop giving importance to the approval of oth­ers, remove the straitjacket, and let yourself go a bit, you'll start to feel the buzz of authentic interactions and the genuine praise of people who see you for all that you have to offer.

Relationships with a 2/5
Your 2/5 partner will forever scrutinize your authenticity and whether you can be trusted.

2/5s cannot abide artificialness or insincerity, so when you tell them something meaningful, mean it.

These people need someone who honors, appreciates, and recognizes them.

Until that bond is created, there is a danger they will act out a relationship role from behind a convincing smoke screen.

They are capable, resolute towers of strength.  

But one frustration likely to emerge from you is the cry, "Why won't you let me in?"

It is no­toriously hard to get close to anyone with a fifth line element, especially when coupled with the self-consciousness and self-denial of the sec­ond line.

Yet you will mean much more to 2/5s than they will openly concede.

Believe me when I say that you are their ballast, sounding board, and source of courage and reassurance.

What you need to do, over time, is ground 2/5 partners, hold them by the hand, and lead them into life's raw experiences.

"Keeping it real" will help coax their true natures out and free them from illusions and false realities.

When this happens, the joy they can bring will be rewarding to both of you.
 ~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.


  1. What about manifestor mother/son (manifestor) relationship with my son being the 2/5?
    He is now 20. 😬😕

  2. Sitting here as a 2/5 and I have tears in my eyes. You are a talented writer, and unnervingly prescent. It feels weird to read something and immediately relate to it. As you stated to perfection, it really does not feel as though you are ever percieved as a 2/5 and I definitely feel percieved right now. So thank you for writing this, as it feels better to just allow this strange withdrawing self of mine to just be, rather than trying to be something I am not. Your note to the partner of the 2/5 was perfect. I read it to my own partner and cried because of your lines about their being the ballast, the source of courage. I appreciate your taking the time to write on this blog, again, I really admire your writing.

    A Stranger

    1. I'm one of you too and I'm shocked with as I read this how timelines of my life were being replayed paragraph by paragraph. Were so rare I see. But if u want to be my friend and be rare together I'm down. Lol.

      Or am I. Lol yes I am . Anyways cool to know theres someone else out there like me, so this us my first time discovering this and like my 3rd article so yeah, I'm making this awkward. But totally still posting.

      I'm just curious too as far as myer Briggs go I'm an enfp A type which is rare and similar to this. What are you?

    2. I'm a 2/5 and also an ENFP. Interesting indeed!

  3. this is what i needed. thank you.

  4. WOW✨ There was an immediate understanding. Thank you🙏🏾

  5. Needed this. Wonderful writing!

  6. ENFP here totally resonated also a generator/manifestar 2/5 @chankaprincess