Friday, October 10, 2014

The 4/6 Profile

I'm not sure whether I should first ask you to come down from the hill­top where you've been contemplating inspired thoughts or tell you to stop sitting on the fence with your internal dilemmas.

As an astute observer of life, you are someone who spends too much time either in the head or in the heart, not knowing where is best!

But when you do arrive at a point of conclusion or conviction, the combined wisdom of the head and heart knows which direction to go in and can be of enormous help to you and influence on others.

When opportunity knocks and you grab its coat tails, you can be a true trailblazer, directing yourself and others toward exciting horizons.

The "head versus heart" dilemma is a potential theme for your life, played out whenever there is an invitation to join a project or make a per­sonal commitment.

This leads to internalizing, which works something like this: from the hilltop there seems to be a grand overview, clarity, inspiration, and a degree of rationale, but then a wary heart kicks in and something contracts at the faintest prospect of disappointment, hurt, or failure.

What the conscious fourth line needs to rely on more and more is something it doesn't automatically know the wisdom of the uncon­scious sixth.

If 4/6 profiles can learn to fall back on that wisdom, a liber­ating trust can be embraced.

Of course, that's a big ask when the more conscious fears of rejection are fueled by the fourth line.

This leads to a tendency to reject before being rejected and to withdraw rashly from projects.

Yet each time this happens, you ignore a higher wisdom and for­get the extent of your valuable contribution and the love you are capa­ble of bringing into the world.

Maybe this explains why friendship first forms the platform to every­thing you engage in: getting to know someone first enables you to gauge who and what is reliable and genuine.

All you want to do is be accepted by a well knit group of people or a community in which your abilities and gifts can work toward the common good.

This can, on occasions, lead to a tendency to try too hard to be liked.

If we were engaged in conversation, your transcendent aura would be the first thing I'd notice, emanating from the glow of a warm heart and wise soul and granting you exceptional social skills.

You can radiate in any environment and if an audience is accepting and receptive, you come into your own, holding court and bringing great entertainment and wisdom through which others feel educated.

When this happens, you are like the wise sage on the hill with people gathered around, listening intently.

What matters is that your surrounding family and social community prosper and grow.

You want others to succeed as much as you want it for yourself.

You are a compassionate humanitarian with an open heart whose nature finds affinity in united and harmonious relations.

Teamwork and togetherness are your watch words.

Yet within that cohesive desire, there is alertness over how much you personally wade in and commit.

This gives voice to your preference for being the overseeing director, organizer, or authority figure, the compassionate leader who brings wisdom, optimism, and hope to many situations as you grasp the bigger picture from your place on the hill.

You make a great ally, sponsor, or consultant.

There is almost a regal sense to your aura.

The irony is that despite your inherent fears you are at your best when embracing responsibility, applying sound knowledge.

You wish to convey and bring higher ideals into the world.

Indeed, the lofty dreams of the sixth line combine with the opportunism of the fourth line to create a potent dynamic that can make great things happen for you and everyone around you.

However, failure or rejection can easily wound a sensitive heart and then your warmth turns cold.

The arms that were once open wide are folded across the heart, like armor plating across the chest.

Self­ protection kicks in and you retreat, the fears of the fourth line and the escapism of the sixth line combining to hastily construct an ice palace beyond the reach of interaction.

If I were sent in as the negotiator to coax you out, I'd merely remind you that you had jumped impulsively into a wrong situation.

I'd remind you that your demonstrative love was a pure gift; that you could turn hatred and misgivings into love in the blink of an eye; that you could lock onto an inspiring vision when everyone else seemed stuck and standing still.

I would tell you that you were a force for great love and great change.

So what a waste, therefore, to be cut off and isolated.

How would you feel then?

When you recognize and start to honor an innate wisdom, you can dovetail it with your heart's desires.

That way, the head and the heart can stop fighting and walk hand in hand through life.

Use the head to edu­cate the heart and you can find a lasting fulfillment.

Relationships: Your 4/6 partner is a potentially complex soul: oh so wise and sure on one hand, oh so afraid and vulnerable on the other.

Great hearts and wise souls need to be treated with kid gloves in the modern day world. So don't be fooled by the "everything is just fine" mantra of someone whose appearance of success and steely strength can be deceptive.

These peo­ple need buckets of love and appreciation.

Otherwise, you'll be forever coaxing them out of an ice palace.

You need to be aware that 4/6s can sometimes jab so hard that you've no idea where it came from or why it happened.

When something wounds their heart, it brings out the mean streak of the fourth line and the aloof withdrawal of the sixth.

You must realize that this is not personal, but a trigger reaction that requires understanding and patience to assuage.

Also know that they regard themselves as being right about most things and need to be acknowledged accordingly.

4/6 profiles make easy friendships but commit rarely.  

Indeed, such is their selectivity that they are more likely to make special friends than great intimates.

But should you be the fortunate one blessed with cus­tody of one of these warmest of hearts, then take a leaf out of the book of that great romantic singer songwriter Michael Bolton and practice "time, love, and tenderness," day in, day out.

Let down or betray 4/6s and they will retreat into a faraway place, brooding and miserable, pretend­ing to be brave but lashing back with meanness and cruel words.

But the tenderness of unconditional love, hugs, and honest emotions warm their hearts, and when you've encouraged them to feel comfortable and secure with their heartfelt expressions, you can enjoy a mutually beneficial, giv­ing relationship.

When they open their hearts, you will find the warmest and wisest of lovers.

Compatibility: Your ideal match is with fellow 4/6 profiles and 1/3s.

Away from that syn­ergy, you also find easy relations with 1/4, 2/4, 4/1, and 6/2 profiles.

~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be


  1. Your words gave me goosebumps. I am a 4/6 and have read many descriptions of this profile and none touched me the way yours did. Thank you for this!

  2. I cried my eyes out when I read this. Thank you!

  3. I am a 4/6 projector who just turned 31 and had a major falling out with a longtime friend. This gives me so much hope. I truly believe I had to let this relationship go but the lightness and love I feel otherwise makes me think this energy will be utilized successfully for someone/something else. Thank you for this in-depth description.

  4. Wow!I feel understood! Currently in my 2nd stage.

  5. I cried, you managed to open my heart a little more. All my love ❤️

  6. Every word resonates to the core of my being.
    Thank you❤️

  7. I am the ice queen and it’s sad.

    1. But don't forget you are still "The Queen", regal, gracious and authoritative. Rest and refocus will help melt and soften the ice part! ( I speak from experience, I am a 4/6 Mental Projector)

    2. Thank you. Seeing this years later. Only a projector can write so eloquently.

  8. Reading this was incredibly therapeutic. I’m a quadruple split 4/6 manifesting generator. Lots of internal tension but you READ ME LIKE A BOOK!

  9. This is beautiful! Thank you ❤️

  10. Literally everything you said here was accurate ❤️ I feel very seen and understood. Thank you

  11. I have been feeling so depressed when reading about my human design since it seems to tell me that Im just failing to live my truth when I'm not a social butterfly, when in fact I'm sociable in a very complex way and need to draw from my internal resources and creativity to manage.. This made me feel very understood for my sensitivity. Thank u <3

  12. Spot on. Many, many things I know about myself here and have felt them before and many things I've judged myself on because they are so different or not normal to "others" around me. This is absolutely awesome thanks!

  13. Wow this has astounding depth of understanding. I'm so glad I found this.

  14. A love interesr od mine has this profile and she's bith viscious and sweet. She can switch at the snap of a finger. I'm a 5/2 profile and admittedly, can be a flirtatious wanderer but once I commit, I'm all in. I hope she doesn't misunderstand my personality. lol thanks for this article!