Friday, October 10, 2014

The 2/4 Profile

I shall tread softly, trying not to distract you too much.

I have already noted the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and appreciate you are some­one who likes your own sanctuary and hates being interrupted while focusing on something even your favorite television show!

But there is a mystery to crack here and that mystery is you.

I suspect you can come across as something of an enigma, even to yourself.

A 2/4profile neither sees itself clearly nor projects itself easily.

You are extremely shy and retiring one minute then bold and outspoken the next, interacting with the world in a bright and breezy manner, then disappearing behind a closed door into a self made "cave."

It is hard to pin down your moods from one moment to the next.

Observers tend to see in you more than you see in yourself, which prob­ably explains why you seek your reflection in them, gleaning feedback.

Without such feedback, you really can be oblivious to who you are.

It's as if you need others around you to find essential support, strength, and purpose.

In turn, this creates a propensity to give too much, as someone who is naturally submissive and cooperative.

If we were in conversation, I'd detect natural, easy going warmth and a big heart.

You would listen intently to my responses, not because you'd be interested in me but because you'd want to learn something about yourself from my observations.

Life is your eternal university, and all interactions form the basis of your teachings, inspiration, and guidance.

You tend to derive identity from others.

If someone you admire does something that enhances their life, you'll mimic it.

If you witness inspir­ing advice on television, you'll adopt it.

Anything that helps you discover who you are is explored.

This is who you are, so don't allow the mystery to get you down.

The one thing you might recognize (or not, because it's unconscious) is a certain vulnerability and fear of rejection.

You are naturally heart­felt, with an abundance of love and giving, but this coexists with a wari­ness of exposing yourself too much, just in case you are misinterpreted and then cast aside.

This probably explains why you prefer one-on-one interactions as opposed to great crowds of people.

Walk into a room and the first thing you'll do is stand to one side, waiting to be approached.

You are a social fisherman, throwing out an invisible line, throwing cer­tain looks or odd remarks to lure people into a one-on-one interaction.

When riled or upset, you can display an unintended and reactive meanness.

There is a latent irritability, and flashes of anger can erupt.

In some cases, this anger can be explosive.

An amenable nature can be pushed into an impressive fury, especially when you are distracted from focusing on something that is mentally engaging.

One thing you certainly won't appreciate is that there is something of the genius about you, a special quality that people can't quite put their finger on.

You also happen to be a highly creative being.

When you are engaged in a pursuit or profession that comes naturally, you can excel and your creativity will shine when you throw your heart into it.

You can pursue objectives with vigor and focused determination if they grab your interest.

And the more success you embrace, the more you thrive.

Ultimately, your aim in life is to embrace your naturalness.

When you are functioning naturally, without the complication of a preponderance of thought, you can soar.

Being natural and honoring what comes natu­rally, be it an expression or deed, and are important to your ability to shine.

The more natural you are, the less fearful you become.

Overexposure may well feel daunting, but left to your own devices you run the risk of being left to your own devices forever!

So learn to trust life and your­self more.

When you begin to feel more comfortable with the advice and knowl­edge you can impart, you can become one of life's great parents, wise sages, teachers, and instructors.

So never limit yourself from the expo­sure to every experience life can offer your heart and naturalness are a breath of fresh air in the modern day world.

Relationships with a 2/4:
You cannot help but love your 2/4 partner because he or she can be…
* the sweetest
* most gentle of individuals
* with the biggest heart and
* a vul­nerability that is irresistible.

One thing you mustn't take advantage of is their natural tendency to give, give, and give without honoring their need to receive.

So how ever cooperative, submissive, or even malleable a 2/4 pro­file may seem, don't take them for granted they have needs, too.

And when they are pushed to the breaking point, their peace can turn to anger!

The fragility of the unconscious fourth line requires them to be valued, and they'll quietly resent one way traffic ... until they blow.

So it's important to strike a balance that appreciates their wants and needs.

They can be maddening to be around: carefree, oblivious, and bright one moment, sulking and brooding the next.

There is also a propensity to share a conversation in which you are convinced they are listening, but then, the next morning, they cannot recall its detail.

2/4 profiles soon discard information that they regard as trivial.

One thing to recognize is your partner's need to have solitude and space to retreat.

And don't interrupt 2/4s; these are solitary people who decide when they are in the mood to engage.

Don't ask me why that's part of the curious enigma.

One thing I would say about 2/4 partners especially if you are in the infancy of dating is that their shyness means they take some time to warm up and be coaxed into a natural state of all embracing intimacy.

The good thing for partners of these people is that 2/4 profiles can be absolutely devoted when they find someone who answers all their ques­tions about themselves and life and provides security.

A relationship can soar when you reflect back to them a sense of worth and appreciation and put their needs on an equal footing with yours.

Compatibility 2/4 profiles find an ideal match with other 2/4s and 5/1profiles.

Away from that ideal matching, they relate easily with 2/5, 4/6, 5/2, and 6/2 profiles.

~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be


  1. Wow! Thank you! This resonates incredibly well to me.

  2. Love this post thank you. You are so right!

  3. My bf and I are both 2/4 profiles, this is interesting and refreshing unlike other info that can be found online. Thank you very much:)

  4. You are right most of the time, but in this you are mistaken: "You would listen intently to my responses, not because you'd be interested in me but because you'd want to learn something about yourself from my observations".
    I AM interested in listening to other people, getting to know them, listening to their patterns of how they communicate and what words they choose to focus on. So, you see, in this particular matter you are not right, but most of the other stuff: Very accurate. Good job

    1. I think it's both, listening because I am interested and also because I want to learn something. They can coexist, it's fine if it's one or the other or both at the same time (•ᴗ•)

  5. Agreed, definitely both, but definitely firmly rooted in genuine interest

  6. You're inaccurate on Shy, Passive, fear of rejection etc.. I'm ready to get active with a weapon or without. & definitely not shy. I can get active like that too; wink wink nudge nudge.

  7. Thank you, I'm trying to log in with my account so in case that hasn't worked. This is

    I really enjoyed this information. I am a 2/4 and this makes me feel so understood.


  8. I'm blown away by the accuracy of this reading
    I was painfully shy as a kid and the more I let naturalista lead the way with a focus on exposing vulnerability as a strength I found d a flip in the shyness. I'm wracked with not knowing who I am but insanely talented, I am told over and over, with skills in different areas that interest me. I'm super annoyed with a 6/2 partner who had to act in the extreme for me to question why I'm still engaging. And disorienting away from that influence has been challenging though totally correct. Thank you so much

  9. Wow! This resonates with me in so many levels. I was really shy as a child. If someone looked at me in a mean way not only would my feelings be hurt, but at times I would cry. The older I got I was able to control that part of me. I’m no longer shy. However, I am very outspoken and very blunt sometimes to a fault! I don’t beat around the bush and can not tolerate ignorant or fake people. They irritate me to no end and I make it known. I don’t have time for that. I much rather be learning something new. I value my solitude and prefer it a lot more than wasting my time on things than don’t interest me. When I explode I explode as my husband has witnessed specially every time he interrupts me when I’m focused on something. Something he has a knack of doing frequently. You’d think that after 17 years he’d get the hint!