Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The 6/3 Profile

The fact that the sixth-line wisdom represents this profile's conscious side makes you the supreme, unrivaled role model, someone few people can keep up with in terms of knowledge, experience, and activity.

You, more than anyone, know what life is all about.

You say: "Been there, done that, and you know what else? I can see the way ahead, too!"

It is because of your eminent wisdom, I suspect, you find it difficult to find lasting relationships or associations in which you are fully under­stood and appreciated.

This is because 6/3s only really like being engaged with extremely highbrow, bright, and challenging situations and people.

It's as if you wish to relate on a higher level than most.

It wouldn't sur­prise me if you preferred being in your own company most of the time.

I am confident that if you have embraced the 6/3 profile as intended, there will have been nothing mundane about your life.

Your wisdom thrives on being fueled by the risks and challenges you take as someone intent on pushing the envelope and boundaries in life, driven by ambi­tion and seeking the fast track to advancement and higher planes.

I could argue that you are a rebel without a cause, but that wouldn't be entirely accurate, because you do have a cause: to shake life up and live it on the edge.

I dare say you'd strap yourself to a rocket and be quite content to be fired into another orbit if possible.

That way, at least you'd feel the out­ of this world excitement you always crave.

You are a curious mix of great authority and wisdom and the reck­lessness of an adrenaline junkie with a devil may care attitude.

Maybe you adopt a position of seniority at work and then hurl yourself into wild abandon on weekends; responsible one minute, thrill seeking the next.

Either way, I'm sure you are becoming used to the emerging pattern of a powerful life that is forever sending you through the rough and tumble of experience and taking you to new heights of awareness.

If you have a 6/3 profile you'll harbor the private thought that you've hardly ever met anyone quite like yourself.

From the day you were born, you have been devoted to expanding your life and pushing yourself for­ward, wanting to embrace the bigger picture that enthralls you, seeking bigger and better experiences all the time.

You have a built in means of challenging anything and everything that comes before you, testing its authenticity.

You tend to see through the veils of mystery in a life that confounds everyone else, and yet the third line's thirst for adventure means you are as susceptible as anyone else to being tripped up and making mistakes.

Thankfully, you have the wisdom of the sixth line to provide better steerage than most by applying a degree of foresight.

As with all sixth line profiles, there are three built-in turning points in life for a 6/3 the ages of eighteen, thirty, and fifty and you could find the brakes being applied to the third line's thirst for life at any one of those junctures.

Your nature has to reach the point of handing over the baton and going to sit in the tree or high office, armed with innate wis­dom bolstered by rich and educational life experience.

You hunger to have a greater impact and make a meaningful contri­bution from higher ground.

Responsibility doesn't daunt you.

You thrive on taking charge and administering your view of the way things should be done.

Most 6/3s have been crying out to be an authority figure from an early age and seek professional advancement by climbing the greasy pole toward management, business ownership, board level or some other senior position.

If we were in conversation, I'd instantly detect that I was engaging with someone who had an enormous amount of knowledge about the world and the spiritual realm.
I'd hear firsthand experience of life, enhanced by an impressive and inspiring wisdom.

You tend to see the beginning, mid­dle, and end of most stories before they have ended!

The stories you recount would speak of someone who had been around the block and returned with bundles of wisdom, lessons, and life scars.

There would also be a provocative sense of humor that sought to make light of all life's dramas because, quite frankly, you can't take everyday life too seriously when you've such a clear view of a bigger picture.

You're always putting things into a sobering perspective, uninterested in unnecessary drama and yet imparting a wisdom that might well steer others in a true direc­tion.

But nothing bores you more than having to deal with repetitious problems; you have no time for people who can't help themselves.

Life can start to become boring for you at around the age of eighteen, but if you still have the zest for it, you will go on challenging the world and trying everything that confronts you, at least until the age of thirty.

Your gifts of authority and the benefit of the experiences you accumu­late at speed in your life are much needed qualities in the world, and you are someone with a highly distinctive presence.

Relationships with a 6/3 If your partner is a 6/3, be aware that his or her nature contracts at the thought of any commitment that feels restrictive.

Partners need to ap­preciate not only their gifts but also their great need for openness and freedom.

These are the quintessential free spirits, in which a sense of being alive walks hand in hand with a wisdom that can sometimes regard "ordinary" relationships as beneath them.

6/3 profiles are forever growing and mutating, and if you don't move with them, there's the risk that you could grow apart.

There really is a propensity within most 6/3s to believe that there is something better out there, be that in terms of experience, inspiration, or partner.

Some­times they can appear distant and detached, not fully engaging.

This is not necessarily because they are not interested, more because they are preoccupied with searching for something inspiring or the next first­hand experience.

Engage with this thirst for life and join in with their thinking outside the box and you then engage with them.

They are always seeking to up their game and keep climbing to higher ground, so 6/3 partners require loose reins, much trust, and a steadying hand from someone who appreciates and meets them on a spiritual level.

It is a challenge to keep 6/3 profiles fully satisfied all of the time, but when you honor these basic ground rules, they can be the most atten­tive, fun-loving, and wise partners.

When they do engage and come close, the relationship can be satisfyingly intense, as if they are penetrating you on a deep level.

When 6/3 profiles come to a place of calm and quiet within them­selves, the internal itches tend to settle down.

I suspect there will always be an uncertain edge with them they will never be quite sure if they can maintain a state of stability but, believe me, the relationship will never be dull and you'll always be kept on your toes!

Compatibility Your ideal match is with other 6/3s and3/6s.Awayfrom that synergy, you will also find easy relations with 1/3, 3/5, and 6/2 profiles.

That last profile wraps up all the major components of Human Design, completing the exploration of the nine centers, the thirty six channels, the sixty four gates, and their six lines.

These nuggets of insight dove­tail with the three essential keys of type, authority, and profile to form an overall picture of what it means to be you.

What matters now is building on that understanding and fitting the jigsaw together, because it's one thing learning about your Human Design; now it's time to live it.

~ Chetan Parkyn - Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.


  1. Hello, I'm a 6/3 profile and what you wrote here really feels like the summery of my character. Thanks for this:) greetings from Lara

  2. As a 6/3 i felt like you were writing this about me personally.

  3. I am a 6/3 and you have described me accurately 🙂

  4. I am a 6/3 emotional manifestor and every word of your writing here is accurate in my experience. After almost 70 years, I literally cannot believe I am still alive. Almost every moment chaotic from birth. I benefit from rest and time alone and continue to discover new realms of conscious understanding and connection.

    1. You made it until 70 yo as a 6/3, I am proud of you just for that! :)

    2. 6/3 and it’s so accurate! I’m hitting 45 this year and the fun has just begun!!!!! Whooohoo! It all makes sense now…

  5. Thank you for the article. I wish we found more about it online. I am a 6/3 emo projector and I can relate to what you said. I am very excited and curious to see what the futur will bring. I'll add that I start questioning my love situation because I feel like nobody can keep up with my personality. My brother uses to say I live in a futur era. 😆

  6. Wow ! I am 6/3 generator in my second phase. Thank you so much for your accurate words, I would love to read so much more and exchange with other 6/3