Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 3/6 Profile

Your life has two speeds: one for the fast lane, one for the slow; some­times you will be engaged in the breakneck speed of raw experience, sometimes retreating to higher, wiser ground.

Indeed, you are a mix of the exhilarating chaos of the third line and the overseeing governance of the sixth, a fusion of hungry daredevil and detached wise owl.

As such, you will no doubt be aware of having a different style of liv­ing than most.

You wrestle with an internal dilemma over whether you should actually get involved in the action of life or rise above it all.

But experience and astute perception combine to create a deeply wise per­son, transforming crash and learn experiments into profound insights, which turns you into something of a role model and expert on life.

What tends to happen is that the daredevil tires to the point of with­drawal, then retreats to a position of wisdom on the hilltop.

The action man becomes the commander in chief; the factory floor worker, the man­ager; the actor, the director.

3/6 profiles command respect because they arrive with a "been there, done that, listen to me" attitude.

For them, life is a graduation from eager student and accomplished "doer" to wise admin­istrator or guide.

Whatever chaos and "try it and see" experimentation the third line takes on, the sixth line is expert at pulling them through.

Unlike a 3/5 profile, the 3/6 profile can look forward to an end to the limited chaos.

Indeed, most 3/6 profiles mature through three stages in life: at the ages of eighteen, thirty, and fifty.

You might well have been a daredevil teenager, ripping through adolescence, but then the threshold of adulthood led you to adopt higher responsibilities.

If not, the transi­tion would have been likely at thirty, after cramming in life, and earning the scars, in your twenties.

Whatever the route, a 3/6profile matures into a role model.

Come fifty years old, having risen above the chaos you now observe, you will count yourself as one of the most proven and knowledgeable humans alive.

You are someone whose input can really make a difference.

Your sixth line has flashes of insight and sees the bigger picture that other third lines fail to see because they're too busy crashing through life.

There is therefore a substance to you that few profiles can match.

If I were having a conversation with you, there would be something resolute and authentic about your communication style, softened by the humor of the third line.

You engage people to the point of fascination, leaving a lasting impression with your wisdom and take on life.

I would probably advise others to talk to you, nudging them with words like "That 3/6 profile is really worth listening to!"

Of course, there is no escaping then on committal nature of the third ­line element.

Indeed, the need to know the whereabouts of the exit door can be exacerbated by the sure knowledge that you can escape to higher ground.

But then the sixth line ultimately tempers this restlessness, foreseeing the consequences of cutting and running from projects, pur­suits, or people who no longer hold your interest.

The 3/6 profile conducts an internal balance, especially when it has matured.

So it really matters to your sense of fulfillment that you only engage in situations that resonate.

The crash and learn days need to evolve into true discernment.

A sense of being trapped will tell you when you've come down from the hill to engage with inappropriate pursuits and people.

You 3/6 profiles are on a journey to a destination of great wisdom, but you do experience a hard time getting there.

However, you are led by a higher calling and find fulfillment in taking responsibility and provid­ing direction.

Ultimately, people will come to you to seek emotional, spir­itual, and life advice, and I can almost see your wry, wise smile as you tell them, with the good soul of a wise old sage, "My dear child, where shall I begin ... ?"

Relationships with a 3/6

3/6 partners will soon learn that they are capable of attracting anyone and anything, and discernment is their key to fulfillment.

These are peo­ple who appear wise beyond their years and yet have been fighting an inner tumult to rush into the chaos of life.

However learned, however wise, however certain they may sound, never lose sight of the fact that they will always need their own space and room to breathe.

Don't be fooled into thinking that the hilltop of the wise sage provides freedom per se; a 3/6 profile can still feel caged within itself.

They are free spirits and independent souls who need to be understood and embraced on that level.

Asking them to change or trying to control them will send them running to the hills in fear of a life spent in a straitjacket.

So I'll say it again, just so we are clear: they need an awful lot of space.

When that freedom is honored, your commitment to them is recip­rocated and they are steadfast partners.

There will be no obstacle you cannot overcome together. In time, they come to learn that their mis­sion in life is to understand that they are here not to get lost in their dreams but to make them happen.

A strong union or ally makes that mis­sion possible.

So, harness your partner's self-belief, enjoy the ride, enjoy the view -and take on the world!

Compatibility Your ideal match is with like-minded 3/6 and 6/3 profiles, but you also find easy relations with 1/3 and 3/5 profiles.

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  1. Brilliant, I can truly recognize myself 100% !
    Thank you so much! I have recently met another 3/6, the sense of familiarity and relief for not being "trapped" by the other is just huge, so you were spot on also on the compatibilities. Thank you again, great post!

  2. This page did no good to my ex. F* you for that.